An active holiday (in the surroundings)

The yacht marina of Vonyarcvashely is only 150 meters away from the hotel; one of the largest beaches of the northern side of Lake Balaton is a five minute walk away – you can try a buch of water sports there: you can swim, sail, water-ski or even sup. If you prefer to stay on the shore, you can rent a bike at our hotel; the bicycle trail that surrounds Lake Balaton is right in front our the building and the part between Keszthely and Szigliget probably offers its most wonderful sceneries. The mountains of Keszthely is full of nice hiking paths and observation towers that can even be reached by beginner hikers.

Keszthely - Festetics Castle (6 km)

Only a couple of minutes by car and you can reach the town of Keszthely, considered „the capital” of Lake Balaton – it's a place proud of its rich history going back about 750 years, as well as of its amazing cultural heritage, but it also has a variety of popular beaches and a cool night-life. On of the most famous monuments in the area is the Festetics building, the third castle in Hungary as far as size is concerned, visited by millions of tourists each year.

Lake Hévíz (12km)

This is a destination you are absolutely not allowed to miss! The water of Lake Hévíz is primarily used to cure rheumatic and locomotive diseases, but at the same time it's also an uncommon natural occurence: it's the largest medicinal lake in the world. You can bathe in its healing waters, or just take a long walk in the park and the woods that surround them, and admire the thousands of water-lilies that cover the lake.

Badacsony (24 km)

With its interesting and unforgettable shape, Badacsony is one of the most beautiful moutains of Hungary. On its green hills you can taste a cup of olaszrizling, the best known wine of this famous wine-region. The surrounding villages are well-known for their vineyards with wine-cellars and restaurants awaiting thirsty and hungry guests. Ask our receptionists and they will recommend you all of the must-try places!

Szigliget (12 km)

On a volcano cone that is now sleeping is the 750 years-old fortress of Szigliget; the steep hill is worth climbing because it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Balaton the all of the surrounding mountains. A visit to the fortress itself must begin with the café located in it, just so you can taste one of the best ice-creams in the country – our favourite one is the pistachio one.

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Warm water baths and aquaparks (27-47 km)

You don't have to wait for cold weather to arrive to visit one of the sarm water baths or aquaparks of the neighbouring area. Based mostly on hot springs, the baths in Zalakaros, Kehidakustány or Zalaszentgrót offer thousands of square meters of water surface, exciting water-slides, healing thermal pools, and defintely a relaxed Mediterranean state of mind to children and adulty alike.